Reviews / Woody Guthrie and the Dust Bowl Ballads by Nick Hayes


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graphic novel

This sump­tuous gra­phic novel do­cu­ments and dra­ma­ti­ses the life of the le­gen­da­ry Woody Gut­hrie, a mu­si­ci­an who con­ti­nues to fa­sci­na­te and in­flu­ence to this day, ne­ar­ly fifty years after his death. He wrote hund­reds of folk songs, many of them do­cu­men­ting his ex­pe­ri­en­ces in the dust bowl era du­ring the Great De­pres­si­on. Gut­hrie tra­ve­led with… Read more »

Reviews / Inside Llewyn Davis


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oscar isaac

I rarely see movies – which is maybe something I shouldn’t readily admit to potential backers of the film script I’m supposedly writing. Last film I saw, in fact, was Les Miserables – stirring stuff, but who the hell cast Russell Crowe?!? However, lured by the offer of canapes and free wine, I was coaxed… Read more »

Reviews / Composer chosen for Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies


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tom hanks

It is generally a given that John Williams scores Spielberg’s films, due to a minor health issue (now corrected apparently) Williams won’t be scoring his new film ‘Bridge of Spies’. Instead the composer will be Thomas Newman, who also happens to be scoring the new Bond film ‘Spectre’. Bridge of Spies is a cold war… Read more »

Reviews / Railroad Earth – Last Of The Outlaws


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railroad earth

With a name borrowed from Jack Kerouac and a musical philosophy which sees them soaked in heritage to the point where trying to pin any badge of style on them is useless, Railroad Earth are pretty distinctive. Dotting the album cover with old time images and individuals the band themselves are well hidden inside the… Read more »

Reviews / Home Festival 2011


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home 2011

Apparently there was some other festival on this weekend, but the surroundings at Home couldn’t be much more different. And that’s how the organisers intended it; Home was deliberately scheduled for the same weekend as its rather more famous counterpart. Set in the grounds of the Dartington estate in Devon, home of the ‘Dartington experiment’,… Read more »