Book of Fears ‘The Water Lets You In’ Theme song from Bloodline video

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book of fears

We flagged up this beautiful song a few weeks ago and now Book of Fears have made a video to accompany it. Directed by Noah David Smith from NYC and shot around LA and the desert, mostly in the hills Sandstone Peak and the industrial alleyways of Vernon, CA.

Book Of Fears are a Los Angeles based band who have written the theme song to the critically acclaimed Netflix original series Bloodline. Book of Fears was started by Jason Rabe, Ravi Subramanian, and Fernando Sanchez In the summer of 2014. ‘Jason first had the idea for Book of Fears a few years back while recording some material for a film score a friend of his was working on. He wanted to create something which was both Acoustic but also cinematic in it’s scope and sound… Stripped down but with a tone and subject matter that evoked the landscape of Los Angeles and it’s surrounding desert.’

The Water let’s You In is available as a free download from the band website at