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The Spiral Awards 2010 Winners

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We have been bowled over by the enthusiasm and excitement generated by the Spirals! To be honest we started this awards idea as a way of finding out what the consumers of this music like, the nominations were our totally subjective 'best of' that we have had the pleasure of seeing or reviewing as Spiral Earth over the course of 2009. So in a sense there are no winners as each and every nominee has that sparkle of excellence that makes them stand out.

Having said that there were some very interesting voting patterns and some hotly contested categories, the best compilation section only attracted a total of 728 votes, whereas the best instruental album a whopping 4,617 votes.

What I would say in conclusion is that any awards will be skewed in some way, often it came down to how well artists mobilised their fans. Take it all as a celebration of this wonderful genre, we can guarantee one thing, next years will be even more eclectic and wide ranging!