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Me and my tumour

People are asking me why they haven't seen us at many festivals this year, and the site hasn't been quite as busy as usual. Most are probably thinking we've run out of steam, but when I tell them I've got cancer the conversation shifts into more seri...more


Je Suis Charlie

I'm writing this whilst the two gunmen who murdered the twelve Charlie Hebdo staff in Paris are cornered within a print works just north of Paris. Their actions have created martyrs of the twelve Charlie Hebdo staff, martyred for free speech, the rig...more


The Doctrine Magazine

You might have noticed that we have launched a new digital magazine for iOS that you can read on iPhone or iPad. The Doctrine magazine builds on the core qualities of Spiral Earth and takes it in new directions, covering a wide range of musical genre...more


AMA-UK conference 2014

The UK Americana Music Association held its second annual conference on Friday 4th July, preceding Maverick Festival at Easton Farm Park in the heart of beautiful Suffolk. The association was founded to promote UK Americana music and artists within t...more


The BBC has the axe out again

BBC Radio is being pruned, trimmed, reshaped and generally fiddled with due to economic pressure. Bob Shennan, controller, BBC Radio 2, said: "We have had to make some difficult decisions in light of our reduced budgets", so we see Richard Allinson's...more


Why I like awards

Awards eh? Funny old things really, how do you decide this was better than that? An appreciation of music is inevitably a personal and subjective thing. Awards infer some level of objectivity to an inevitably uneven playing field. Despite running our...more


Putting the value back into music

I wrote a piece about a year ago on the revival in popularity of the vinyl record, worldwide sales of the format are increasing by about 70% to 80% a year which is pretty mindboggling for a format that was supposed to be dead and buried. I've been sp...more


Eastern Angles

East Anglia doesn't exactly have a very full hand when it comes to folk festivals, especially the further east you go. In 2012 however a new festival arrived way over in Suffolk, Folk East, this is a festival that harks back to a tradition of East An...more


A plea for protest

Once upon a time folk music was the voice of the people, specifically it gave a voice to protest. The folk revival of the 1950s and 60s in England was as rooted in the function of getting a message, often political, across as it was in making good mu...more


Piracy, apathy & the rise of vinyl - part 1

Rejoice, UK record industry in first quarter of growth for a decade - Not because more people are buying CD's mind you, it's all down to downloads and streaming. Physical sales actually carried on their decline, but in the first quarter of 2012 digit...more


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About Iain Hazlewood:

Iain started Spiral Earth in 2004 as a reaction against the apathy with which the mainstream media dealt with roots music in the UK.

Since then he has overseen its growth and watched it develop into one of the UK's most comprehensive and popular sources for all things folk and roots, with a constantly increasing readership.

His aim is to bring Gonzo Journalism to roots music.
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