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Wish - Poitin

This big powerful album is Celtic music from the Czech Republic, proof that the celtic spell is cast right around the globe. The Irish tradition forms the core of their sound with Scottish and Breton melodies and tunes dancing around the edges. There is also the new light that artists familiar with a different folk tradition can shine upon it, and what a good light it is.

You can cast aside any doubts about the integrity of the Celtic tradition being interpreted by a band who live closer to Prague than Skibereen. They are obviously steeped in the tradition and have been playing for eighteen years, ‘Wish’ is their sixth album and is ‘a return to purer, traditional instrumentation in comparison with the previous 2 albums’.

The fundamental core of all ‘Celtic’ music is here - by turns it makes you break out in a huge grin and want to get to your feet whilst offering quietly introspective tunes and songs for contemplation. Reels, jigs and beautiful ballads make up the fifteen tracks on the album, the reels in particular shine out with flute, whistles and banjo giving them an irresistible beat.

Play it loud and open the windows.

Iain Hazlewood

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